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Noun1.inexplicitness - unclearness by virtue of not being explicit
unclearness - incomprehensibility as a result of not being clear
implicitness - inexplicitness as a consequence of being implied or indirect
explicitness - clarity as a consequence of being explicit
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Waiving any exception that might be taken to the inaccuracy or inexplicitness of the distinction between internal and external, let us inquire what ground there is to presuppose that disinclination in the people.
at 265, 265-66 (Paul Leicester Ford ed., 1892) (warning that "inexplicitness seems to pervade this whole political fabric" and "certainty in political compacts ...
Hamlet, written about more than any other work except the Bible, attracts because of the breaches in causality, paradoxes, inconsistency of character and inexplicitness. It exemplifies what Katz calls "gapping" in "The Actor as Playwright": unanswered questions are the open spaces in which theatre artists are able to "finish" the play, so no production can be definitive.
Counting on context, words at the midlevel abstraction level can veil with ease and stealth their inherent nebulousness and inexplicitness. In short, dead-level midlevel abstraction may be or come close to being the norm for dead-level abstraction.
When Hassett writes that Rossetti's 'style is patient with itself, trusting its own subtleties of manner to achieve resonance and allowing inexplicitness to do its evocative work' (p.
That's the exact quality of whimsy and inexplicitness I want in the work--the paintings and the constructions."
491 in '48 the obsolescence of whose vinyl corps adds exercising inexplicitness with every surface flaw upon the scale unloosing chromaticism from its lock to waver gently out into the air of a new planet treading shakily or as a lamb will wobble on the grass so this cadenza lacked all certainty other than that belief which bears us up from one step to the next before we think how to fall over into earth or drink))))))
The inexplicitness of assignments likewise poses problems for writing center tutors, who typically begin a conference by asking to look at the assignment sheet written by the professor.