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1. Lacking expression; blank: an inexpressive stare.
2. Devoid of emotion or style; flat or dull: an inexpressive violin performance.

in′ex·pres′sive·ly adv.
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Adv.1.inexpressively - without expression; in an inexpressive manner; "she looked at him inexpressively"
expressively - with expression; in an expressive manner; "she gave the order to the waiter, using her hands very expressively"
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So inexpressively that they cannot at first understand him; it is his old housekeeper who makes out what he wants and brings in a slate.
She was clearly surprised, but all they said was said low and inexpressively, because they were speaking out into the cool dark night.
Wednesday trade at the global grounds closed inexpressively despite release of strong stats on the U.S.