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n.1.The state or quality of being inexpressive.
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Newman had already learned that her strange inexpressiveness could be a vehicle for emotion, and he was not surprised at the muffled vivacity with which she whispered, "I thought you would try again, sir.
As Archer listened, his sense of inadequacy and inexpressiveness increased.
That little cry of distress quite genuine in its inexpressiveness, altered my feeling towards Mrs.
Vote splitting is a huge issue with plurality voting, largely because of this voting method's inexpressiveness.
Inexpressiveness and Independence--"The sturdy oak"
Interestingly, the phrase "smile everyday" can be found on the roof of a house, while the "windows" and doors of this house are constituted by a popular symbol among adolescents that characterizes a psychological state of deadlock and inexpressiveness.
Engaging men in couples counseling: Strategies for overcoming ambivalence and inexpressiveness.
Mark discovered that contrary to his own mythology about his emotional inexpressiveness, he had in fact been very emotionally expressive and involved over the past 20 years.
Adopting the point of view of a "survivor of a pre-industrial humanity," Chaplin "madly and comically emphasize[s] the inexpressiveness of the world of technology" (99).
Much of the populist writing about heterosexual men (Bly 1990; Keen 1991; Biddulph 2004) has focused on their emotional inexpressiveness and restricted emotionality as key arenas of change for men.
The emotionality here is not revealed in the expressiveness of the man but in his inexpressiveness.