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1. The act of killing an infant.
2. The practice of killing newborn infants.
3. One who kills an infant.

[Late Latin īnfanticīdium, the killing of a child and īnfanticīda, killer of a child : Latin īnfāns, īnfant-, infant; see infant + Latin -cīdium and -cīda, -cide.]

in·fan′ti·cid′al (-sīd′l) adj.
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Infanticidal ideas and infanticidal behavior in Indian women with severe postpartum psychiatric disorders.
The most severe form of postpartum psychosis involving paranoia, grandiose or bizarre delusions, or infanticidal thoughts and actions occurs in about.
Dawkins believes the Abrahamic God to be infanticidal and one realises that Dawkins has indeed been unable to study Islam.
Where the pregnant woman is permitted to appear, "in both popular culture and medical-legal discourses," she is set in a combative relation with the fetus she carries; her body is "an erstwhile benevolent, nurturing and ideal environment [which] has been transformed into a hostile, infanticidal toxic waste dump" from which the fetus must be protected, either by the government or by others setting themselves in a paternalistic position of authority (pp.
An article from The Guardian, written in collaboration with primate experts, notes the discrepancies between the second film's depictions of ape society and its real-world variants: Caesar's family avoids 'the usual chimp arrangement of a mother with the offspring of several different fathers'; and, apparently, his brief stint of babysitting is incongruous with chimp society, within which 'males are at best protective [and] at worst [...] infanticidal'.
Eggert, "Time-dependent shifts between infanticidal and parental behavior in female burying beetles a mechanism of indirect mother-offspring recognition," Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, vol.
Just as in females, males must inhibit their infanticidal behavior and become paternal before the birth of the pups to avoid hurting their own offspring (Hrdy 1979; Vom Saal & Howard, 1982; Hausfater & Hrdy, 1984; Parmigiani & Vom Saal, 1994).
The author's choice of Cremonini as the focus of this work is predicated on the richness of the archival material on her trial, and the fact that Cremonini is representative of the archetypal early modern infanticidal mother.
his novel, it is one cleverly initiated by the image of the infanticidal
It is not unusual in our contemporary times that infanticidal crimes are committed in desperation when strong determinations degenerate into cowardly lethargy; when people start judging actions and intentions in the scales of personal gains and losses.
Pornographic balladry, then, is by no means infanticidal. But it scrambles hereditary order and routes of wealth transmission, recasting sex as generative of new kinship groups and associations, not preservative of an ossified past.