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 (ĭn′fən-tl-īz′, ĭn-făn′-)
tr.v. in·fan·til·ized, in·fan·til·iz·ing, in·fan·til·iz·es
1. To treat or condescend to as if still a young child: "The Victorian physician infantilized his patient" (Judith Moore).
2. To reduce to an infantile state or condition: "It creates a crisis that infantilizes them—causes grown men to squabble like kids about trivial things" (New Yorker).

in·fan′til·i·za′tion (-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
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(ɪnˌfæntɪlaɪˈzeɪʃən) or


(Psychology) psychol the act of infantilizing, the act of prolonging an infantile state in a person by treating them as an infant
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The church must refuse to harbour oppressive forces within its ranks, acting instead as a counter-cultural community." (25) The church participates in the sin of infantilization when people with disabilities and other disciples and leaders from the margins are not given space to proclaim our truth of who we know God to be and how we are called to participate in and help lead God's mission.
The infantilization?of Korean pop stars is often enforced through contractual agreements.
"Stop Telling Us How to Behave: Socialization or Infantilization?".
Utilizing a feminist rhetorical methodology I argue that Fox News, via fashion as a point of departure, contains women through three interconnected strategies: male authority over the female body, the infantilization of the adult female body, and the silencing of women.
and infantilization were also associated via popular alternative
Alfano also reads In Memoriam in relation to the child: in Tennyson's long process of mourning, he risked infantilization by extended grief; rather than adopting the weightier medium of blank verse, he adopted the more juvenile tetrameter meter that was common to feminine balladry; and his repetitions and frequent halts along the way again risked resemblance to childish language and poetics.
Although Miss Manners sympathizes with your dismay, she is aware that the infantilization of society has made it commonplace to mark the tragedy of death with childish things, even when the death was not a child's.
Speaking of incarceration, it's crucial to think about the ways in which those literally incarcerated in hospitals, remand, prisons, and juvenile detention centres can be pressed into involuntary infantilization, either through their treatment on the part of agents of a system that labels them defective or unruly, or simply as a result of being denied the ability to live life on their own terms.
I perceive that this traumatic shifting of models also closely resembles Ahiska's Occidentalism, since both entail the infantilization of the belatedly modernized, self-otherized non-west nation in the face of the so-called original, superior, modernized West.
The illustration in The Atlantic essay--a photo of a child, about a second grader, sitting in a college desk, feet unable to reach the floor--captured perfectly the argument about the current infantilization of college students; but the new information that they adduce and develop demonstrates the iGen comes to college already infantilized--and demanding that they be kept that way.
Salari, "Infantilization as elder mistreatment: Evidence from five adult day centers," Journal of Elder Abuse & Neglect, vol.
The authoress's analysis of the infantilization of the male protagonist, in which she asserts that their misfit status is due to their incompatibility with either of the available masculine models, is particularly well-wrought.