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Aquatic animals, such as clams or burrowing worms, that live beneath the surface of a sea or lake floor.

[in- + fauna.]

in′fau′nal adj.
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(Zoology) zoology the fauna living below the surface of ocean and river beds
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(ˈɪnˌfɔ nə)

n., pl. -nas, -nae (-nē).
(used with a sing. or pl. v.) the aggregate of animals that burrow into and live in the bottom deposits of the ocean.
[< Da ifauna (1913)]
in′fau`nal, adj.
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While the infauna of the mangrove sites at the studied transect were more similar to each other, the mudflat site differed in abundances and species composition and was distinguished from the other sites by multivariate analysis.
In Willapa Bay, oysters and eelgrass have been shown to support equally and more diverse communities of benthic infauna than unstructured open tideflats, which are often dominated by thalassinid burrowing shrimp (Posey et al.
El mejillon Perna perna no se colecto en fondos de Thalassia ni en sedimentos conchiferos, Chione cancellata, Antigona listeri, Trachicardiun muricatum y otros bivalvos de la infauna solo se recolectaron en fondos conchiferos.
An important theme in the ecology of soft sediments in the southwestern Atlantic is the study of physical and biological disturbances affecting the distribution and abundance of the infauna. Predation (Paine 1966, Hunt & Scheibling 1997) and bioturbation (Olaffson et al.
Los datos sobre Pinnixa valerii (actualmente Pinnixulala valerii) y otras especies recolectadas mediante draga (grab) por el Skimmer indican que parte de la biodiversidad de decapodos y estomatopodos del estuario solo puede ser evaluada con una combinacion de artes para la epifauna (redes) y la infauna (dragas), pues P valerii y otros crustaceos como los Alpheus spp.
Benthic infauna variability in relation to environmental factors and organic pollutants in tropical coastal lagoons from the northern Yucatan Peninsula.
(4) Infaunal predation examines the relative importance of excluding the nemertean, Cerebratulus lacteus, and other potential infaunal predators from both the top and bottom of EU versus excluding infauna from entering only through the top of EU (Hypothesis #4).
The individuals in the sediment were caught with the use of two samplers, a D-net (3.0 mm mesh size) for the capture of epifauna, and Petersen type grab sampler for the capture of infauna. For sampling optimization, we also included Odonata (from different substrates in the streams) caught along with fish samplings (not used in this study) by electrofishing (two dip nets and a portable generator - Toyama 1600, 220V, DC).
This highly urbanized river supports multiple species of fish, mollusks, arthropods, polychaetes, and marine algae either as infauna within the muddy substratum or as epifauna among the hard structures (Turner and Strachan 1969).
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