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Not feasible; impracticable.

in·fea′si·bil′i·ty n.
in·fea′si·bly adv.
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Noun1.infeasibility - the quality of not being doableinfeasibility - the quality of not being doable  
impracticability, impracticableness - the quality of not being usable
feasibility, feasibleness - the quality of being doable
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The question becomes, aside from the infeasibility of near-exhaustive testing, what augmented test sets should be considered?
20) Culpability, attribution, and retaliation are complicated by the lack of borders or sovereign regions in space and the infeasibility of total space situational awareness (SSA).
Given this equilibrium in the gold market (and the infeasibility or undesirability of raising the dollar price of gold), the rise of U.
therefore, based on the traditional method of investment analysis, the consortium is advised to not declare the commerciality of the analyzed field, as the negative NPV indicates infeasibility of the field development.
Ooms and colleagues describe three challenging solutions conceived within the realm of current thought and then consider some imaginative solutions, despite their political infeasibility in an era when political change (Trump, Brexit etc) is taking the world in the opposite direction.
Another limitation was already mentioned: the infeasibility of age adjusting cancer incidence data.
IAM surrounded by swarms of women, their heads adorned with fascinators, their feet shod in heels, high to the point of infeasibility.
GTAT's board never would have approved the Apple contract if defendants had disclosed their true knowledge about the technical and economic infeasibility of the entire deal," says the suit.
29) This infeasibility claim was seconded by the dean of the University of Virginia who claimed that additional training "would be punishingly expensive and would necessarily drive up tuition.
Faced with the infeasibility of collecting information together from the total number of users ascribed in the study areas, a sample calculation was performed.
2014) set a limitation of two tools for this purpose, alerting to the possible use of a greater number due to the infeasibility of adjusting to the design.