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Not feasible; impracticable.

in·fea′si·bil′i·ty n.
in·fea′si·bly adv.
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a less common word for impracticable
inˌfeasiˈbility, inˈfeasibleness n
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Adj.1.infeasible - not capable of being carried out or put into practiceinfeasible - not capable of being carried out or put into practice; "refloating the sunken ship proved impracticable because of its fragility"; "a suggested reform that was unfeasible in the prevailing circumstances"
impossible - not capable of occurring or being accomplished or dealt with; "an impossible dream"; "an impossible situation"
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Many of his replies suggest that a great number of import policies are making Tesla's entry into India infeasible. In a recent reply, the CEO says that the heavy import duties in India will make Teslas unaffordable here.
Brexit may be similarly defined as the unhinged in pursuit of the infeasible.
Further, water supply from tube-wells was getting infeasible by the day.
Citizens Advice chief executive Gillian Guy said the "infeasible" target should be extended to 2023.
Days after Education CS George Magoha proposed closure of economic infeasible degree courses, it has emerged that a plan is underway to scrap off the 47-year-old Bachelor of Education degree.
However, the company does not seem to have any plans to introduce the feature anytime soon and is calling it "infeasible".
(2) The feasible solution is chosen between a feasible and an infeasible solution.
In the first place, it was infeasible for the teachers to obtain these documents from the PNP, considering that they were kept secret and were issued by quite a number of PNP units across nine regions in the country,' the organization said.
The Chief Justice further remarked that those who approved should also be investigated for approving infeasible project adding that capital of the country was wasted so responsible of project's failure will have to be taken to task.
For some industries, Summer Fridays are just infeasible. Restaurants and convenient stores, for example, always need someone in the store.
May's disclosure that the advice from the deranged, six-time bankrupt in the White House was the infeasible suing of the EU was her way of letting us know even she thinks unhinged Trump is a turkey leg short of the full Thanksgiving feast.