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Not feasible; impracticable.

in·fea′si·bil′i·ty n.
in·fea′si·bly adv.


a less common word for impracticable
inˌfeasiˈbility, inˈfeasibleness n
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Adj.1.infeasible - not capable of being carried out or put into practiceinfeasible - not capable of being carried out or put into practice; "refloating the sunken ship proved impracticable because of its fragility"; "a suggested reform that was unfeasible in the prevailing circumstances"
impossible - not capable of occurring or being accomplished or dealt with; "an impossible dream"; "an impossible situation"
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Ensuring that an ensemble is both representative, and not infeasibly large, is a challenging problem.
"The problem with this simple logic, though, is that it might take an infeasibly large volume of imports to drive rice prices down, especially since the prospect of cheaper imports will drive out local producers," it added.
For reasons of numerical stability, explicit methods may require the use of very small time-steps, which, for real life problems, may require infeasibly many time steps.
No effective cryptanalytic attacks are currently known against AES, with the current best attacks only a few orders of magnitude above the worst-case brute force scenario and requiring infeasibly large amounts of storage space [13].