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1. Capable of causing infection: an infectious microorganism.
2. Capable of being transmitted by infection: an infectious disease.
3. Capable of transmitting a disease; contagious: Is the patient still infectious?
4. Spreading or tending to spread from one to another: an infectious laugh.

in·fec′tious·ly adv.
in·fec′tious·ness n.
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Adv.1.infectiously - in a contagious manner; "she was contagiously bubbly"
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بصورةٍ مُعْدِيَه
fertõzõ módon
meî smitandi hætti
bulaşıcı şekilde


(inˈfekt) verb
to fill with germs that cause disease; to give a disease to. You must wash that cut on your knee in case it becomes infected; She had a bad cold last week and has infected the rest of the class.
inˈfection (-ʃən) noun
1. the process of infecting or state of being infected. You should wash your hands after handling raw meat to avoid infection.
2. a disease. a throat infection.
inˈfectious (-ʃəs) adjective
likely to spread to others. Measles is an infectious disease.
inˈfectiously adverb
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And besides, Veslovsky was at first so naively distressed, and then laughed so good-humoredly and infectiously at their general dismay, that one could not but laugh with him.
My way of giving physic is evidently the best, for you look better already," he said, laughing so infectiously that Rose followed suit, saying saucily
He was kind, fair, welcoming to everyone, interested in people, eager to learn and good at listening, fascinated by new ideas and perspectives, and loved a good discussion; he was happy, bubbly and infectiously enthusiastic; he gave a bold, cheery greeting and loved to sing.
The Middlesbrough lads have built cult following by packing an infectiously fun live show and crafting a sound that's been quoted as "something in between The Darkness, Andrew WK and New Order.
Formed in 2001, its four founder-members continue to demonstrate a shared passion for string quartet repertoire, infectiously reaching out to audiences with their energy and enthusiasm.
At the event where music lovers were treated to an amazing experience at Terra Kulture, Annie was bubbling with life as she partied and smiled infectiously.
Infectiously entertaining from start to finish, this breezy, funny and emotion-packed ride was a gift from the gods for fans of the web-slinger.
The couple said they feel torn to bits and described their daughter as loving, caring and kind, with an infectiously bubbly personality.
Samantha Barks (Les Miserables) has the finesse, the poise and the voice to play Vivian, but can she break out laughing as infectiously as Julia Roberts?
The popular, fun, vibrant, high-energy show with infectiously catchy songs and amazing dance routines will premiere in Solihull this November.
"Those of us who were part of the interview process with Marcus were immediately struck by his passion for the transformative power of education, his vision for driving meaningful change, and his infectiously positive attitude," said Brad Hawk, District 158 interim superintendent.
Infectiously catchy, wacky fun is the order of the day in this choice pick for car trips, birthday parties, and public library children's music collections.