infinite loop

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n.1.(Computers) a series of instructions in a computer program which, when executed, cause a cyclic repetition of the same instructions, with no other action by the program, for as long as the program continues to be executed, or the loop is interrupted by some external action.
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Called "Tiempo en colombia en vivo" on the Chrome Web Store, the rogue extension can be installed on a machine when the user visits certain sites; trying to leave a malicious site results in an infinite loop of dialog boxes cautioning the user that they can't leave the page until they install the extension.
It made a slight change in the infinite loop design, now extending to the top and bottom part of the smartphone.
A YouTuber who goes by the name Tester Junkies uploaded a video Wednesday showing Amazon's Alexa voice assistant caught in an infinite loop, pushing out the same phrase again and again.
The Infinite Loop ($12, "sour-based" and "apple") has unaged apple brandy, bourbon, Macintosh apple, lemon, mineral syrup, egg white, chamomile and hay essence.
It is a recipe for an infinite loop of conferences and declarations.
The main routine has an infinite loop in which there is a routine to check whether the preparation for the data transmission is finished.
In the United States: Apple SoHo, Apple Fifth Avenue, Apple Upper East Side, Apple Williamsburg and Apple World Trade Center in New York; Apple The Grove in Los Angeles and Apple Third Street in Santa Monica; Apple North Michigan Avenue in Chicago; Apple Lincoln Road in Miami; Apple Northpark in Dallas; Apple Union Square in San Francisco; Apple Palo Alto and Apple Infinite Loop in Cupertino.
I see that Apple's address is 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California.
In Palo Alto, Google and Facebook lead the pack and Cupertino belongs to Apple, where its campusbased headquarters is on a road called 'Infinite Loop'; its new HQ is literally an infinite loop, it consisting of a massive doughnut shaped building a short drive away.
To the uninitiated, the GIF seems like digital nonsense--snippets of video devoid of context on an infinite loop.
Center of Gravity" design featuring a high-density foam lumbar padding minimizes fatigue with heavy loads and rear-pack attachments to eliminate that feeling of being pulled backward, Infinite Loop shoulder straps move with you, independent of the pack's weight, to balance the load and eliminate binding.
At Apple's campus, visitors will find themselves on Infinite Loop, a reference to a bit of programming jargon, with Apple's main building located at One Infinite Loop.