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1. influence.
2. influenced.
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by -i-DAT INFL INFIX of DAT/ABS AUX za-i-t under PLRPC 5 iruditzen-V John IVc/C BASQ za-i-t- pozik PLRPC DAT/ABS dagoela -i-.
Brazilian and European) Portuguese exhibits V movement to INFL (CYRINO; MATOS, 2002; MATOS; CYRINO, 2001; CYRINO, 2013).
Best GDPGR Real GDP growth Max GMID INFL Inlation Min GMID GNICAP Natural logarithm of gross national Max GMID income per capita ($) GINI A measure of income inequality, Min GMID based on a Lorenz curve.
20 Observations 1 302 1 302 1 300 1 302 Countries 93 93 93 93 Indicator Economic variables INFL M2 GDPpC Mean 52.
In earlier sections, the model was expressed by the equations NRP = [alpha] + [beta] * Real Rate and NRP = [alpha] + [beta]1 * Y + [beta]2 * INFL.
INFL = inflation (change in consumer price index), from IMF International Financial Statistics CD-ROM database.
where RATE, INFL, and YGAP are the (overnight) call rate, the inflation rate, and the output gap, respectively.
t] is the actual funds rate; [Mathematical Expression Omitted] is the Fed's nominal funds rate target for period t; INFL is the inflation rate; [INFL.
According to Eid this second set of pronouns must be analyzed as agreement features in INFL (accordingly, sentences with this set allow pro-drop, e.
INFL in child and adult language: Agreement Case and licensing (Unpublished Doctoral dissertation MIT).
where REFEX, INFL, R3M and CBR are as defined in table 4.
The INFL may also be split into further categories such as Tense, Agreement, Negative "or perhaps more broadly, a category that includes an affirmation marker and others as well" (Chomsky 1993: 7).