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1. Easily ignited and capable of burning rapidly; flammable. See Usage Note at flammable.
2. Quickly or easily aroused to strong emotion; excitable.

[Middle English, liable to inflammation, from Medieval Latin īnflammābilis, from Latin īnflammāre, to inflame; see inflame.]

in·flam′ma·bil′i·ty n.
in·flam′ma·ble n.
in·flam′ma·bly adv.
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Noun1.inflammability - the quality of being easily ignited and burning rapidly
burnability, combustibility, combustibleness - the quality of being capable of igniting and burning
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(inˈflӕməbl) adjective
easily set on fire. Paper is highly inflammable.
inˌflammaˈbility noun
inflammation (infləˈmeiʃən) noun
(a place in the body where there is) development of heat with pain, redness and swelling. Tonsillitis is inflammation of the tonsils.
inflammable means the same as flammable:
a highly inflammable gas.
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Material of the flag should also be deemed "of low inflammability"; flagpoles
Few-layer graphene nanoparticles have recently attracted attention as promising fillers for polymer nanocomposites with improved conductivity, inflammability, thermal and mechanical properties, and reduced gas permeability [1].
However, the use of PP is still limited for some applications due to its inflammability. Therefore, it is desirable to improve the flame retardant property of PP.
Inflammability can sometimes mean "not flammable." SSPC has separate definitions for a flammable aerosol, gas, liquid, and solid material, based on their respective properties to ignite and burn, according to various test methods.
Polythioamides have great importance because of their stable thermal behavior, good corrosion effect, low inflammability and chemical activity, [5-6].
at 242; see also RONNER, supra note 4, at 179 ("Ivan's outburst, not unlike what happens periodically with Mitya, rises from the suspicion that that 'beast of sensual inflammability' thrashes about within himself as well."); see also VICTOR TERRAS, A KARAMAZOV COMPANION 52 (Univ.
Owing to disadvantages such as small retained entry section, poor gob isolation effects, inflammability, intensive labor, slow auxiliary transport, and construction speed [10], early roadside support forms, such as timber cribs and walls, are no longer applicable to the requirement of GER in underground fully mechanized coal mining.
In addition, special additives are added to some of the masterbatches to improve processability or serve as a wetting agent or dispersing aid or provide special properties, such as higher crystallinity or inflammability. The same color can be achieved with different coloring agents, which can result in significant differences in the homogenization properties.
Therefore, inflammability as the inherent attribute of oil is the inner factor that results in accidents.