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An advocate of the policy of deliberate inflation achieved by increasing the supply of available currency and credit.

in·fla′tion·ism n.
in·fla′tion·ist adj.
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B. Npartidario/a m/f de la inflación
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USD-JPY declines came despite the nomination of Kuroda for another term at the helm of the BoJ, along with nominations for the two deputy governor positions of inflationist candidates, Amamiya and Wakatabe.
The first inflection began a few short years after Wang's rise to power in 1069, and the second occurred several years after the installation of the inflationist emperor Xiaozong in 1162.
To forestall the canard that people happily and voluntarily use our current statist, inflationist system, he correctly notes that societies did not, in fact, voluntarily move away from gold, but were forced off by their respective governments.
Each part of it is wrong: that Phillips convinced the profession of a stable inverse relationship between wage inflation and unemployment; that economists saw it as a menu of options; and that policymakers chose inflationist policy from the menu.
There were populists, such as William Jennings Bryan, who had given up on their inflationist efforts to remonetize silver but were still a political force to be reckoned with, especially within Democratic ranks.
And, as inflationist as his proposals seem to be, Victor Place rather belongs in the conservative, restrictionist field.
To be like that it is necessary that this increase to represents a movement whose successive deployment, lasting to determinate raising the ceiling to a inflationist general level.
Inflationist phenomena, known as factors eroding public debt, also have a negative influence on budgets, especially in the instance of external public debt, since their effects impact stronger on non-convertible currency than on convertible ones.
Strong was not an inflationist. In the 1920s, he agreed with Montague Norman of the Bank of England to allow gold flows to affect rates as long as they did not cause inflation.
Crude is now 4x higher in price than during the "inflationist" 1970s - The time where we ended The Bretton Woods and the emergence of inflation targeting from central banks.
Meanwhile, it's been proven that this model is not relevant for a hyper inflationist economy such as Romania.
Corker went out of his way to defend Yellen against the charge of being a knee-jerk inflationist, noting that during her tenure on the Fed she had voted for rate hikes 27 times.