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We would like to claim that this is due to a minimum requirement imposed by the Greek system -whose inflectionally rich nominal words are combinations of stems and endings- in order to accommodate foreign nouns.
It has been claimed that '[i]f the word-classes involved do not differ inflectionally and the only difference is in their syntax and in their meaning, there is no argument to distinguish the two cases' (Valera 2014).
According to Silic and Pranjkovic (2007), the use of jedan 'one' as an article is restricted only to cases where the adjective of the NP is not inflectionally marked as either a definite or an indefinite adjective, e.
They are like pronouns in that they match the personal pronouns I, you, she, we, they, he, and it respectively in person, number, and gender and hence can be regarded as related to them inflectionally.