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adj. Biology
Bent or turned abruptly inward: inflexed sepals.

[From Latin īnflexus, past participle of īnflectere, to bend; see inflect.]
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(Biology) biology curved or bent inwards and downwards towards the axis: inflexed leaves.
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Biol. inflected; bent or folded downward or inward.
[1655–65; < Latin inflex(us), past participle of inflectere to bend in]
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On examination, the child was irritable with high-pitched crying and inflexed postures at the elbows.
Labellum erect, obscurely clawed at base, pandurate, total length 13-18 mm; proximal lobe concave-channeled, provided with an indistinct marginal thickening (nectar gland) at each side of the base, densely pubescent outside near the thickenings (here the trichomes cylindrical), sparsely pubescent on the inner surface (here the trichomes like large papillae), when spread out obtriangular-obovate to subrhombic, somewhat wider near the apex, 6-8 mm long, 5.5-7.3 mm wide, in natural position the sides upright and adhered to the margins of the column forming a narrow throat with straight sides; isthmus 2.3-3.3 mm wide; distal lobe spreading, convex but with the distal margins somewhat inflexed, elliptic to suborbicular or ovate, acute to obtuse, densely papillose, 6-9.5 mm long, 6.3-7 mm wide.
Conversely, the election outcome represented a crushing defeat for its enemies and even the sign of a racially inflexed class-consciousness.
"However, the borrowing needs of the government for budgetary support as well as that of public sector enterprises will keep an upward pressure on the banks' investment in government papers," the report said adding that "in this scenario, the banks' capacity to lend private sector and build high return earnings assets will largely depend on a number of factors mainly their ability to mobilise additional savings, manage increased credit risk and high inflexed profit and early retirement of commodity financing by the government."