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n. Chiefly British
Variant of inflection.
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(ɪnˈflɛk ʃən)

1. modulation of the voice; change in pitch or tone of voice.
a. the process of adding affixes to or changing the shape of a base to give it a different syntactic function without changing its form class, as in forming served from serve, sings from sing, or harder from hard (contrasted with derivation).
b. an affix added in this process, as the -s in dogs or the -ed in played.
c. an inflected form of a word.
d. the systematic description of the process of inflection in a language; accidence.
3. a bend or angle.
4. a change of curvature from convex to concave or vice versa.
Also, esp. Brit., inflexion.
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Noun1.inflexion - a change in the form of a word (usually by adding a suffix) to indicate a change in its grammatical function
grammatical relation - a linguistic relation established by grammar
conjugation - the inflection of verbs
declension - the inflection of nouns and pronouns and adjectives in Indo-European languages
paradigm - systematic arrangement of all the inflected forms of a word
pluralisation, pluralization - the act of pluralizing or attributing plurality to
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[ɪnˈflekʃən] Ninflexión f
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(Gram, of word, language) → Flexion f, → Beugung f
(of voice)Tonfall m
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[Language in general includes the following parts:- Letter, Syllable, Connecting word, Noun, Verb, Inflexion or Case, Sentence or Phrase.
Inflexion belongs both to the noun and verb, and expresses either the relation 'of,' 'to,' or the like; or that of number, whether one or many, as 'man' or 'men '; or the modes or tones in actual delivery, e.g.
A pause; then with a new, yet still subdued inflexion of the voice--an inflexion which provoked while it pleased me --accompanied, too, by a "sourire a la fois fin et timide" in perfect harmony with the tone:--
I beseech you, then, not for love of me, for subjects should never weigh as anything in the balance which princes hold, but for love of yourself, to retain every syllable, every inflexion which, under the present most grave circumstances, will all have a sense and value as important as any every uttered in the world."
"Adieu, adieu, adieu," she said, without the soul communicating one single intelligent inflexion to the word.
He gave her a glimpse of his unconstrained self in the low vehement "You dare!" which sprang to his lips and out of them with a most menacing inflexion.
He sighed and moaned like one under great suffering, and kept it up for a quarter of an hour; on purpose to distress his cousin apparently, for whenever he caught a stifled sob from her he put renewed pain and pathos into the inflexions of his voice.
You ought to be slapped and put to bed." There was an extraordinary earnestness in her tone and when she ceased I listened yet to the seductive inflexions of her voice, that no matter in what mood she spoke seemed only fit for tenderness and love.
I have once or twice seen sudden changes of expression on her pinched lips, and heard sudden inflexions of tone in her calm voice, which have led me to suspect that her present state of suppression may have sealed up something dangerous in her nature, which used to evaporate harmlessly in the freedom of her former life.
His cool, neg ligent undertone had no inflexions, but the strength of a powerful emotion made him ramble in his speech.