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The reports accuse the EFA of corruption, squandering public funds, influence peddling, and other charges.
The task force will also pursue any evidence of bribery, espionage of influence peddling on behalf of the CCP among Taiwan's so-called 'Red Media.'
It is looking into possible offences including private corruption, conspiracy and influence peddling.
France's financial prosecutor services opened the investigation on grounds of private corruption, criminal association, influence peddling and benefiting from influence peddling relating to the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, which were awarded to Russia and Qatar, respectively.
The simplest answer is: influence peddling. We are all beneficiaries of capitalism and two of its accompanying menaces, cronyism and influence peddling.
Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Monday lost a first appeal against facing trial over influence peddling and corruption charges and must await a second appeal before knowing if he will be sent to court, the Paris prosecutor's office said.
'Only because of what the Filipinos have experienced in the past administrations involving presidential relatives, we should reject any interference and influence peddling by somebody outside the official chain of the government bureaucracy, but who projects closeness to the President due to kinship,' Lacson said.
Roque said Duterte does not condone influence peddling in his administration.
Park, 66, who was impeached last year over an influence peddling scandal that led to protests by hundreds of thousands of people on the streets of the capital, didn't show up at court.
Summary: Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy was ordered Thursday to stand trial for influence peddling over accusations he offered to help a prosecutor get promoted in return for leaked information about a separate criminal inquiry.
PARIS, March 29 (KUNA) -- Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy (2007-2012) has been ordered to stand trial for "corruption" and "influence peddling" and investigated for "violation of professional secrets" relative to the alleged corruption of a sitting judge, French media reported on Thursday.
A South African judicial inquiry into allegations of corruption under President Jacob Zuma may investigate influence peddling by the controversial Gupta family, closely linked to Zuma.