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 (ĭn′flo͞o-ənt, ĭn-flo͞o′-)
Flowing in or into.
An inflow, especially a tributary.

[Middle English, from Latin īnfluēns, īnfluent-, present participle of īnfluere, to flow in; see influence.]


flowing in
1. something flowing in, esp a tributary
2. (Environmental Science) ecology an organism that has a major effect on the nature of its community


(ˈɪn flu ənt)

1. flowing in.
2. a tributary.
3. Ecol. an animal, plant, fungus, etc., that has an important effect on the biotic balance in a community.
[1400–50; late Middle English < Latin influere to flow in]
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Adj.1.influent - flowing inward
incoming - arriving at a place or position; "incoming class"; "incoming mail"
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Rawalpindi -- As many as three persons were injured when influent people equipped with arms allegedly attacked a house situated at Safari Enclave-II of a Private Housing Society of Police station Saddar Baironi area.
This project includes the design and construction of new influent grinder and screw conveyor at the Elysian and Raspberry-Selma Wastewater Treatment Facilities.
Results showed that when the mean concentration of the ammonia nitrogen in the influent increased from 95.
As illustrated in Figure 1, the influent sewage comes into an anoxic (no oxygen) zone.
The influent was subjected to settling in an underground tank.
General condition for ASP requires balanced influent degradable matter expressed as chemical oxygen demand (COD), total kjeldahl nitrogen and phosphorus (C:N:P) to be in the ration of 100:5:1, so as to provide an enabling medium for the microorganisms to accomplish effective biological treatment [12, 13].
Le secretaire general de l'Organisation de la cooperation islamique (OCI), Iyad Amin Madani, a indique jeudi dernier que l'Algerie etait un membre [beaucoup moins que] influent [beaucoup plus grand que] de l'organisation.
Interroge sur la place de son fils, Hafedh , au sein de Nid Tounes, le president du parti, Beji Caid Essebsi , a souligne la [beaucoup moins que] competence [beaucoup plus grand que] de ce dernier , tout en ajoutant qu'il est le moins influent parmi les dirigeants de sa formation politique.
The systems employ unique hydraulic design and advanced automation and controls, which allow the systems to adapt to variable influent quality and fouling conditions in real-time.
Le Maroc est un membre actif et influent au sein de l'Union parlementaire africaine (UPA), a indique, lundi a Libreville, le parlementaire marocain Abdesselam Lebbar, membre du Comite executif de cette institution panafricaine.
A typical biogas plant consists of a digester where the anaerobic fermentation takes place, a gasholder for collecting the biogas, the input-output units for feeding the influent and storing the effluent respectively, and a gas distribution system.
6, Nijaifi said that he strongly condemn the criminal terrorist attack against election campaign in Baquba that gives a clear picture of the attempts to hinder the election process and influent voters.