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Having or exercising influence.
One that is of considerable importance or influence: sought the advice of policy influentials.

in′flu·en′tial·ly adv.
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Adv.1.influentially - exerting influence
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بصورةٍ مؤَثِّرَه
á áhrifamikinn hátt
etkili/tesirli bir şekilde


(ˈinfluəns) noun
1. the power to affect people, actions or events. He used his influence to get her the job; He should not have driven the car while under the influence of alcohol.
2. a person or thing that has this power. She is a bad influence on him.
to have an effect on. The weather seems to influence her moods.
ˌinfluˈential (-ˈenʃəl) adjective
having much influence. He is in quite an influential job; He was influential in getting the plan accepted.
ˌinfluˈentially adverb
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However, domestic institutions' net buying increased influentially to QR49.99mn compared to QR47.22mn on Tuesday.
His works influentially contributed to bring change in the conventional concepts in Egypt.
Scholar Ali Nawaz Memon who was the chief guest of the conference hoped that various committee sessions designed in simulated form on the pattern of various UN committees must have fetch the conference participants, attitude-patterns, insights, skills and world-views that would in the long run, shape them into outstanding statesmen, international envoys and top-rank pleaders with positions that will enable them to represent Pakistan influentially at diverse world forums.
THATTA -- From the last two years the historical city of Thatta has been left on the mercy of the corrupt officials, who have been influentially employed on basis of the nepotism in the Thatta Municipal Committee and are not properly performing their duties.
The subject of this work is Ulster loyalism, that is, the political and social culture of northern Irish Protestantism, something distinct from Unionism that serves to organize a political movement, most notably and influentially in the form of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).
While it's impact is still felt culturally, it turns out it was just as influentially historically, in solving some of the remaining questions surrounding the Titanic's tragedy.
The Indian philosopher and economist Amartya Sen, although a Nobel laurate for his work in economics, is perhaps less well known but has written influentially on the morality of social welfare.
However, adding the minimalism of sending messages via a mobile phone and linking together with the competence of using the internet contribute influentially to make your business more available and observable to your existing and potential targeted clients.
APA said the dealers and shopkeepers, who were involved in creating of artificial price hike would be bring in to justice not matter how powerful and influentially they may be.
Hence, he said, comes the important role of the private sector, most influentially banks and communications companies, to accommodate those job-seekers.
Hamilton, Canada, September 05, 2015 --( Proudly Canadian owned and operated, Daly Administrative Solutions was founded with the goal of becoming an influentially green company, using skills, resources and contacts to assist other Canadian businesses with their green initiatives while simultaneously aiding their productivity and bottom lines.
Secretary of the council Hessameddin Vaezzadeh said his organization would act influentially at the international level.