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v. in·fold·ed, in·fold·ing, in·folds
To fold inward.
To enfold.

in·fold′er n.
in·fold′ment n.
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Noun1.infolding - the folding in of an outer layer so as to form a pocket in the surfaceinfolding - the folding in of an outer layer so as to form a pocket in the surface; "the invagination of the blastula"
biological process, organic process - a process occurring in living organisms
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To the Editor: Podocytic infolding glomerulopathy (PIG) was proposed as a new disease entity in 2008,[1] and great attention has been paid to PIG because of the rare pathological changes to glomeruli associated with it.
We aimed to investigate the frequency of incomplete hippocampal inversion (IHI) and the hippocampal infolding angle (HIA) in pediatric patients with no additional abnormal findings in the brain.
(22-25, 34) Cervical extension can create infolding of the ligamentum flavuum, which encroaches upon the cord.
or dying starlife, these thoughts of you, the infolding
Paul Ryan, for instance, advocated a process of "infolding" by which one could see and incorporate one's behavior objectively by watching it on videotape.