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in`for`ma´tion con´tent

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First we consider representativeness and diversity criteria at the same time and get the high information content set S.
Taking the gene ontology as an example, in order to achieve the former objective, Resnik proposed to use the information content (the negative logarithm of the relative frequency of occurrence of a term in annotations for a set of gene products) of the lowest common ancestor of two query terms to measure their semantic similarity [11].
Mathematical methods for modeling random phenomena are a natural choice in the image analysis field and stochastic models have been quickly developed to model the information content of images as well as noise.
Moncao, Portugal, December 08, 2011 --( With a new layout, an excellent interactivity and an easy access to information content, the website shows the distinctive positioning that GlammFire has in the market of decorative fireplaces, bringing it closer to customers and providing detailed information of all its products, news and retailers location, and enhances the mission and objective of creating value for them.
Media Source provides information content and editorial book reviews for academic, public and school librarians.Country: , USASector: Business and Consumer ServicesTarget: Media Source IncBuyer: RLJ Equity Partners LLC, New Canaan Funding Mezzanine LLC, 21st Century Group LLCType: LBOStatus: Closed
We trusted FlightView to build flight information content for our primary website and this new mobile offering is a seamless, cost-effective extension that gives users access to all the details they need regardless of the mobile device.'
(1) Specifically, using Beaver's information content measures, it examines the market's reaction to interim financial statements before and after adoption of SFAS No.
The CDA immunity for Web site providers stems from the following provision: "No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider." (5) The term "information content provider" is defined as "any person or entity that is responsible, in whole or in part, for the creation or development of information provided through the Internet." (6) These provisions have generally been interpreted to give Web site publishers immunity from lawsuits based on objectionable content posted by third-party users.
LexisNexis is to make some of its legal information content indexable by Google before the end of this year under its project LexisWeb.
The organization lets libraries collaborate to increase impact, offer time and cost benefits, and make information content services more accessible and affordable.
ISO/IEC 27001, part of the growing ISO/IEC 27000 seriesThe ISO27k standards provide generally accepted good practice guidance on Information Security Management Systems designed to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information content and systems.

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