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In order to improve the robustness of clustering results, in this paper a novel local spatial-gray information measure is introduced in the objective function, which considers the intuitionistic fuzzy set, the spatial location information and the local gray feature at the same time.
Now, if one demands that the statistical distance be proportional to [absolute value of ([[phi].sub.1]-[[phi].sub.2])], the [cos.sup.2][phi] dependence of the probability function necessarily follows and it is possible to define information measure according to the above prescription.
In this section we study a coding theorem by considering a new information measure depending on a parameter.
Grace Poe also hoped that Duterte would mention the Freedom of Information measure, as well as the emergency powers for the improvement of the country's infrastructure.
This technology conveys well-organized computing by merging storage, memory, process, and information measure. Cloud computing can be a calculation model that has emerged around the arrival of 2007 [3].
Our finding that nurse staffing levels are positively associated with patients' experiences with the discharge information measure is of particular interest.
In this study, we analyse the reliability and validity (Bryman, 2012) of the alternative asymmetric information measure proposed by Corwin and Schultz (2012a) for the Brazilian stock market.
Creighton, "Comments on 'Information measure for performance of image fusion"' Electronics Letters, vol.
GLCM features include autocorrelation, contrast, correlation, cluster prominence, cluster shade, dissimilarity energy, entropy, homogeneity (1), homogeneity (2), maximum probability, sum of squares, sum average, sum variance, sum entropy, difference variance, difference entropy, information measure of correlation (1), information measure of correlation (2), and inverse difference normalized [18].
Hamer's [24, page 77] research findings showed that the decomposition information measure for financial statements has a power of discrimination with respect to failed and nonfailed firms but the predictive ability is less than that derived from financial ratios.
Since then, the mutual information measure, as well as its derivatives, have become the most popular and most studied similarity measure in the medical image registration community.
The most suitable ones for a correlation of surface roughness are: information measure of correlation 2 (SC) (73.1%), information measure of correlation 1(FC) (72.1%) and correlation (CO) (66.9%).

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