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Adj.1.informatory - providing or conveying information
instructive, informative - serving to instruct or enlighten or inform
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Tenders are invited for assembling supplying fixing and erecting of informatory signages informatory place identification signs overhead gantry overhead signs in different places under the territorial jurisdiction of jhargram flood management and planning division
The sources said NHA has provided lighting in urban areas to increase safety during the foggy season while informatory boards, kilometre posts and gantry signboards were also placed which are helpful during driving in foggy smoggy season.
He said that TDCP working with aim to develop and promote tourism by providing accommodation, food, entertainment /amusement, public amenities and other services including informatory literature to the tourists.
According to an informatory note sent by the Turkish Police to the Ankara Fourth Heavy Penal Court, ISIL militants are looking for people to recruit as militants in the villages around the Turkish capital of Ankara, Hurriyet reported.
On the said day informatory lectures on road safety were also conducted to the students of PAF Degree College and to the Motor Transport section of PAF Base by the officers of Motorway Police.
Apart from installing the required informatory signage to guide commuters, additional manpower would be deputed to guide the traffic.
AaTurkey's Kazakhstan Ambassador Atilla Gunay, Kazakhstan Senate and International Relations Commission Chairman Kuansysh Sultanov, Kazakh Presidency Civilization Director and the Member of Turkic World Informatory Council Mirzabek Joldasbekov and TIKA Kazakhstan Coordinator Omer Kocaman were among to participants.
Janakpuri and Construction of Brick work dram & Side berms by interlocking tiles near H.N-163 and Installation of directional and informatory Signboards in Ward No 016-S.
Block Pavement Work & Informatory Sing Boards etc.) (Under Nabard-XXIV) in of Dadhol Ladrour Hatwar Jahu Road for Intermediate Lane Km 0/0 to 23/400 (Portion Km 13/440 to 23/400 (SH:- ROFD, CD, Drain, Parapets C.C.
Pamphlets having informatory materials were also distributed among the public for awareness.