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Noun1.informercial - a television commercial presented in the form of a short documentary
commercial, commercial message - a commercially sponsored ad on radio or television
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The National Bureau of Investigation has also filed graft raps before the Ombudsman against Salazar in connection with the rigged contract for the ERC informercial project.
Tejeresas noted that this year they added informercial making, a new academic contest that aims to showcase the ALS learners' skills in shooting and editing videos.
Social media isn't like that old informercial saying, 'Just set it and forget it.
While touring keeps many entertainers busy, the big money in the music business still clearly resides in the grand venues like Staples Center or 4,000-seaters like the Axis in Las Vegas or, even more important, in brand tie-ins like Lady Gaga's informercial for snack chips.
Esto se contrasta (2002) comparando los contenidos de un Informercial con los de un spot.
The long-form informercial advises consumers about the clinically proven benefits of Tanda Pearl and the importance of a healthy, white smile.
Powin said that its CPP takes advantage of its relationships with select Chinese banks and TV informercial outlets.
In today's news from newspaper campaign blogs: gunsmith forced to resign from his own company after endorsing Obama, Electronic Retailing Association responds to Tucker Bounds after Obama informercial, and MoveOn.
A model of Television Informercial Clearance", Journal of Advertising, Vol.