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A taxonomic category of related organisms ranking below a subclass and above an order or superorder.
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Marsupials (class: Mammalia, subclass: Theria, infraclass: Marsupialia) separated away from the placentals around 130 million years ago, and began their divergence around 70 million years ago.
These are facts on the specie: 1)Kangaroos are the largest specie the Marsupials infraclass consisting of animals with a pouch.
2 Austria Beteiligungs GmbH, & InfraClass Energie 5 GmbH & Co.
However the flying squirrel is a placental mammal (infraclass eutheria) and the Petaurus breviceps is a pouched mammal (infraclass marsupialia).
In modeling treatment effects, hierarchical linear modeling (HLM) was used to account for random assignment at the classroom level as well as any variance in child outcomes attributable to the classroom or teacher (infraclass correlation).
Members of the Amiiformes Order, in which the Infraclass Teleostei is found, generally carry cycloid scales (Storer et al., 2007).
The protocol reliability was assessed by means of infraclass correlation calculated as ICC = ([MS.sub.b] - [MS.sub.w])/[[MS.sub.b] + (k-1)[MS.sub.w])].