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a. infradiafragmático-a, localizado debajo del diafragma.
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However, no patient received infradiaphragmatic radiation.
The scans revealed an extensive disease with supra- and infradiaphragmatic bone marrow and extranodal involvement (Figure 1(a)).
In this instance, a tube in the posterior pleural space may simulate an infradiaphragmatic tube with catastrophic consequences.
Despite the use of gonadal shielding, patients irradiated from infradiaphragmatic portals still receive almost 0.
Also, multiple hypermetabolic areas in the cervical, supraclavicular, mediastinal, and infradiaphragmatic lymph nodes and a hypermetabolic area in right fourth costa that may be associated with metastatic bone lesions were reported.
The returning systemic veins contralateral to the side injected, from the head and neck, from infradiaphragmatic veins (especially the azygos vein) and any mediastinal and hilar masses and lymph nodes and lung pathology are not enhanced at this early post-contrast phase.