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Of a lower order than humans; subhuman.

in′fra·hu′man n.


another word for subhuman


(ˌɪn frəˈhyu mən; often -ˈyu-)

less than or lower than human; subhuman.
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Adj.1.infrahuman - belonging to a group below humans in evolutionary development; "infrahuman animals"
subhuman - less than human or not worthy of a human being; "treated natives as subhuman"; "a subhuman spectacle"; "the subhuman primates"
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If you believe that at the moment of ensoulment God creates a specifically human immaterial soul for the previously infrahuman life-form, then you believe that God's creation is ongoing in the world today.
Clarke quickly identifies, and often revisits, his two unifying themes: first, "cognitive inquiry and belief are to be understood in terms of their relation to purpose and action rather than as a means of simply satisfying intellectual curiosity" and, second, "relationships between belief, purpose, and action within us as individuals and within society at large have parallels in the infrahuman species from which we have evolved" (pp.
After introducing the basics of the use of infrahuman animal models for studying human psychiatric disease, they present current research on transgenic and knockout models leading to the analysis of neurocognitive dysfunction, including polyglutamate disorders, mental retardation, speech and language dysfunction, and autism.
lodge Hafnium humification infrahuman (2) Hahnium humanish W2 Helium
licensed by a critique of racial hierarchy and the infrahuman life forms it creates.
This is seen particularly and uniquely in the case of emerging humankind, as God impels the infrahuman to make a qualitative leap to the higher plane of hominization, so that what was hitherto a member of the animal kingdom has now crossed a threshold to become a human person endowed with intelligence and freedom in the image of God.