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Of a lower order than humans; subhuman.

in′fra·hu′man n.


another word for subhuman


(ˌɪn frəˈhyu mən; often -ˈyu-)

less than or lower than human; subhuman.
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Adj.1.infrahuman - belonging to a group below humans in evolutionary development; "infrahuman animals"
subhuman - less than human or not worthy of a human being; "treated natives as subhuman"; "a subhuman spectacle"; "the subhuman primates"
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"Nasty AGI at the human level, or even slightly infrahuman level, could create dystopia or even wipe out humanity.
"Prebiblical ethics," he wrote, "which finds its norms in nature, can ask about the good that is proper to human nature (bonum honestum) by setting up an analogy with the good that is proper to infrahuman existing things.
Across the length and breadth of Nigeria, power supply is erratic--almost unavailable, pipe borne water is a rarity, health and educational institutions are in shambles, roads are in abject state of disrepair while national minimum wage stands at $50 per month thereby turning an overwhelming percentage of Nigerians into infrahuman. For all intents and purposes, Nigeria's brand of democracy is the rule of the few by the few for the few.
If we extrapolate current trends in the performance and capacity of neural networks, infrahuman (that is able to most things that can do ordinary human being and may work as a robotic brain; but some complex creative activity is still beyond its abilities).
Jihadi John's hood functioned similarly in the UK to represent the war on terror's infrahuman, thereby legitimising the West's civilising mission.
<<The Study of Infrahuman Culture in Japan: A review>> en Menzel, E.: Precultural Primate Behavior, Basilea: Kanger, 1973, pp.
"The history of modern science teaches us that the merely human, cut off from spiritual tradition and the touch of transcendence, is unstable; it degenerates before long into the infrahuman and the absurd".
From the first workshop on abortion in 1988, when participants demanded the right to abortion as a reaction to the "numerous deaths of women due to the practice of abortion in infrahuman conditions," (41) this frame has appeared in each year we coded.
Infrahuman outgroup or suprahuman ingroup: The role of nationalism and patriotism in the infrahumanization of outgroups.
If you believe that at the moment of ensoulment God creates a specifically human immaterial soul for the previously infrahuman life-form, then you believe that God's creation is ongoing in the world today.
It is so successful in revealing how sovereign power reduces asylum seekers to abject, invisible, silent, "infrahuman" victims, that all opposing gestures seem feeble, discernable only to an astute academic.