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1. Difficult or impossible to break or separate into parts.
2. Inviolable: infrangible human rights.

[Late Latin īnfrangibilis : Latin in-, not; see in-1 + Latin frangere, to break; see bhreg- in Indo-European roots.]

in·fran′gi·bil′i·ty n.
in·fran′gi·bly adv.
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1. incapable of being broken
2. not capable of being violated or infringed
[C16: from Late Latin infrangibilis, from Latin in-1 + frangere to break]
inˌfrangiˈbility, inˈfrangibleness n
inˈfrangibly adv
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(ɪnˈfræn dʒə bəl)

1. incapable of being broken or separated.
2. inviolable.
[1590–1600; < Late Latin infrangibilis]
in•fran`gi•bil′i•ty, in•fran′gi•ble•ness, n.
in•fran′gi•bly, adv.
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Adj.1.infrangible - difficult or impossible to break or separate into parts; "an infrangible series"
unbreakable - impossible to break especially under ordinary usage; "unbreakable plastic dinnerwear"
2.infrangible - not capable of being violated or infringed; "infrangible human rights"
inalienable, unalienable - incapable of being repudiated or transferred to another; "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights"
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adj (form) (= unbreakable)unzerbrechlich; (fig: = inviolable) → unverletzlich
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