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A taxonomic category of related organisms ranking below a suborder and above a family or superfamily.
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Here he first describes species in Class Reptilia in the Orders Squamata, Crycodylia, and Testudinata and their infraorders, superfamilies, and families.
The seasonal dynamics and distribution of burrowing shrimp larvae of the infraorders Gebiidea and Axiidea in Amursky and Ussuriysky Bays, the Sea of Japan.
gammarus belong to different infraorders, Brachyura and Astacidae, respectively (De Grave et al., 2009).
MORALES-CASTANO, I.T, & MOLANO-RENDON, F., 2008.--Aquatic Heteropterans of Quindio (Colombia): The infraorders Gerromorpha and Nepomorpha.
The classification system of true bugs Heteroptera recognizes seven major taxonomic groups, usually referred to as infraorders (Enicocephalomorpha, Dipsocoromorpha, Gerromorpha, Nepomorpha, Leptopodomorpha, Pentatomomorpha, and Cimicomorpha) [1-3], or eight infraorders after the addition the Aradimorpha sensu Sweet [4, 5].
They cover the infraorder Astacidea Latreille, 1802 p.p.: the marine clawed lobsters; infraorders Axiidea de Saint Laurent, 1979 and Gebiidea de Saint Laurent, 1979 (formerly collectively known as Thalassinidea); and the infraorder Anomur MacLeay, 1838.
The metepimeron of the terrestrial infraorders of "higher" Heteroptera is usually regarded as greatly reduced to absent or part of the thoracic endoskeleton (cf.
The objective of this study was to determine the taxonomic composition and ecological aspects of the decapod crustacean fauna belonging to the infraorders Anomura and Brachyura in shallow marine and estuarine waters of southern Bahia.
Most species of the aquatic and semi-aquatic Heteroptera belong to the infraorders Leptopodomorpha, Gerromorpha and Nepomorpha, with the last two encompassing approximately 92% of the aquatic bugs diversity (Polhemus & Polhemus 2008).
Based on the latest classification scheme adopted by the Orthoptera Species File Online (Eades & Otte 2009), the or-thopteran suborder Caelifera consists of two infraorders Tridactylidea and Acrididea.