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Noun1.infrared lamp - electric heater consisting of a high-power incandescent lamp that emits infrared radiationinfrared lamp - electric heater consisting of a high-power incandescent lamp that emits infrared radiation; "the bathroom could be warmed by an infrared lamp"
electric fire, electric heater - a small electric space heater
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The instrument can use the Sun or an included infrared lamp as its light source.
Then there is Jack Dorsey, the billionaire who owns Twitter, who has a 'wellness schedule' in which he works at a standing desk under an infrared lamp, which is supposed to improve mood and relieve stress, and only eats one meal a day in the evening, Sunday to Thursday, and fasts Friday and Saturday.
They will have full infra-red capability, which can be used in low light levels either from an internal sensor or an infrared lamp set up on a tripod and used at the roadside.
First they assembled the remote control for the infrared lamp. They welded the wires to the lamps, after which they removed a key from the electricity control panel.
Graewe said the Chinese used a 'completely different approach', warming the donor penis up with an infrared lamp postoperatively, which increased the metabolic requirements, instead of increasing the blood supply as they had.
The Netgear VueZone Night Vision Camera is a two-part system: a powerful AC-powered infrared lamp along with the only wire-free infrared camera in the market.
Almost in all physical therapy units, commonly used devices are TENS unit, physical therapy ultrasound device, diadynami device, Galvani Farad device, electrotherapy, paraffin machine, hot-pack, treadmill, infrared lamp, short wave diathermy device and traction devices.
When using the infrared gold image furnace, it was difficult to measure a sample's temperature with the existing technique because infrared lights from both an infrared lamp and a sample were mixed.
The preheat sub-process can be done with a number of different heating configurations, including tubular Calrod elements, forced convection or an infrared lamp system.
In cold weather you should use an infrared lamp to keep the newborn warm for the first few days.
"The only animals kept on the ground in boxes are guinea pigs, which have straw and hay to make nests, and we have an infrared lamp to heat the area.

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