infrared spectrum

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Noun1.infrared spectrum - the spectrum of infrared radiation
infrared, infrared frequency - the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum; electromagnetic wave frequencies below the visible range; "they could sense radiation in the infrared"
spectrum - an ordered array of the components of an emission or wave
electromagnetic spectrum - the entire frequency range of electromagnetic waves
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Because of this, we (like most mammals) can only see visible light, with a spectrum that extends from 380 nanometers to 740 nanometers, outside of the infrared spectrum.
"We thought that we might be seeing sodium chlorides, but they are essentially featureless in an infrared spectrum," says Mike Brown, the Richard and Barbara Rosenberg Professor of Planetary Astronomy at Caltech and co-author of the Science Advances paper.
"We thought that we might be seeing sodium chlorides, but they are essentially featureless in an infrared spectrum," said Mike Brown, co-author of the Science Advances paper.
Transparent in the infrared spectrum, these glasses are a mix of a few elements, close to the metalloid line in the periodic table.
It has been established by spectrographic methods that painting dyes have different properties of sunlight absorption in the visual and near infrared spectrum [4].
The infrared spectrum profiles recorded from two blue areas (M_01 and M_08) and from a brown area of the musician's trousers (Figure 3) highlight the diagnostic signal of the bone black at the 2013 [cm.sup.-1] in both investigated colors.
For the first time, AIR-Spec allowed measurements of the solar corona in the infrared spectrum, thereby increasing our understanding of various phenomena including solar wind and plasma heating and acceleration.
NH stretching in infrared spectrum is usually visible as a medium intensity band in the range between 3500 and 3200 [cm.sup.-1].
"In the visible and infrared spectrum, minerals and other materials have unique signatures like fingerprints.
Each glass tube was cut open at one end and a portion of the sample was used to measure the representative infrared spectrum. A PerkinElmer Spectrum One FT-IR spectrometer equipped with a Harrick single reflectance attenuated total internal reflectance (ATR) accessory and lead glycine sulphate detector was used in measuring the infrared spectra.
Able to assess heat across the infrared spectrum, it's powered by its own internal rechargeable battery.

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