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n. pl. in·fun·dib·u·la (-lə)
Any of various funnel-shaped bodily passages, openings, structures, or parts, especially:
a. The stalk of the pituitary gland.
b. The calyx of a kidney.
c. The ovarian opening of a fallopian tube.

[Latin, funnel, from īnfundere, to pour in; see infuse.]

in′fun·dib′u·lar (-lər), in′fun·dib′u·late′ (-lāt′, -lĭt) adj.
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(Botany) funnel-shaped
[C18: from infundibulum]
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[12] for the so-called trichoblastic infundibular cyst originally reported by Ansai et al.
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In fact, the most common of all epidermoid cysts are follicular infundibular cysts which arise from cells originating in the upper portion of a hair follicle.