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n. pl. in·fun·dib·u·la (-lə)
Any of various funnel-shaped bodily passages, openings, structures, or parts, especially:
a. The stalk of the pituitary gland.
b. The calyx of a kidney.
c. The ovarian opening of a fallopian tube.

[Latin, funnel, from īnfundere, to pour in; see infuse.]

in′fun·dib′u·lar (-lər), in′fun·dib′u·late′ (-lāt′, -lĭt) adj.


(Botany) funnel-shaped
[C18: from infundibulum]
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However, for those with dysplastic valves, supravalvular or infundibular stenosis, or accompanied by significant cardiac anomalies, it is better to choose surgical repair.
In mammals, infundibular stenosis can be subclinical or associated with nonspecific clinical signs such as exercise intolerance, (29) dizziness, dyspnea, and syncope.
long- term results (up to 17 years) of pulmonary balloon valvuloplasty in adults and its effects on concomitant severe infundibular stenosis and tricuspid regurgitation.