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tr.v. in·fu·ri·at·ed, in·fu·ri·at·ing, in·fu·ri·ates
To make furious; enrage.
adj. (ĭn-fyo͝or′ē-ĭt) Archaic

[Medieval Latin īnfuriāre, īnfuriāt- : Latin in-, intensive pref.; see in-2 + Latin furiāre, to enrage (from furia, fury; see fury).]

in·fu′ri·at′ing·ly adv.
in·fu′ri·a′tion n.
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[ɪnˈfjʊərɪeɪtɪŋlɪ] ADV infuriatingly, I was cut offse cortó la línea, vamos, como para volverse loco
his answer was infuriatingly vaguesu respuesta fue de una vaguedad exasperante
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advaufreizend; she’s infuriatingly slow/clumsysie ist zum Verzweifeln langsam/so unbeholfen, dass es zum Verzweifeln ist; infuriatingly, she couldn’t say a word against himes machte sie rasend, dass sie kein Wort gegen ihn sagen konnte
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[ɪnˈfjʊərɪeɪtɪŋlɪ] advin modo esasperante, in modo estremamente irritante
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(inˈfjuərieit) verb
to make very angry. I was infuriated by his words.
inˈfuriating adjective
I find his silly jokes infuriating.
inˈfuriatingly adverb
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She's dealing with her first attraction to a boy, her best friend's questions about gender identity and, most infuriatingly, her mother's insistence that she participate in a moon ceremony when her first period arrives.
JOE SAYS: Leicester have been infuriatingly inconsistent recently so it's pretty hard to predict what they will do from week to week.
Can teaming up with Corey give her the edge she needs to go for gold, or will the snowboarder's infuriatingly cocky smile and rock hard abs prove a distraction she simply can't afford?
Infuriatingly, even when it's suggested that Russell nearly killed him, Gamby is still manipulated into believing that other suspects have more plausible reasons to dispose of him.
The add-on means a bounce-back email is appended with a link and the infuriatingly cheery message 'Get a taste of my trip by checking out my Cannes-inspired playlist here'.
LONDON trio Flowers are bringing their brand of infuriatingly catchy and thrilling pop to Cardiff's The Moon Club next month.
Whose stupid idea was it to change a perfectly good, customer friendly system to an infuriatingly inconvenient one?
Tim Burton's dramatisation of the Keanes' romance and subsequent legal wranglings is infuriatingly light on fine detail but Amy Adams, above, delivers a solid performance.
The injury was sustained in infuriatingly innocuous circumstances when he trod on a boundary rope during a fielding drill on the day before the championship game against Somerset at Taunton in April.
HOMELAND infuriatingly disappearing up its own funnel permanently.
If the drably derivative, infuriatingly improbable police drama "McCanick" is remembered for anything, it will be for its uniformly overqualified cast, which includes Ciaran Hinds and a lead turn from David Morse.
Samey it may be, but it''s far less irritating than their infuriatingly hip debut and it''s great to hear a band evolving in an age when far too many acts fade into nothingness.