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1. Having great inventive skill and imagination: an ingenious negotiator.
2. Marked by or exhibiting originality or inventiveness: an ingenious solution to the problem.
3. Obsolete Having genius; brilliant.

[Middle English, from Old French ingenios, from Latin ingeniōsus, from ingenium, inborn talent; see genə- in Indo-European roots.]

in·gen′ious·ly adv.
in·gen′ious·ness n.
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Noun1.ingeniousness - the power of creative imaginationingeniousness - the power of creative imagination  
creative thinking, creativeness, creativity - the ability to create
resourcefulness, imagination, resource - the ability to deal resourcefully with unusual problems; "a man of resource"
2.ingeniousness - the property of being ingenious; "a plot of great ingenuity"; "the cleverness of its design"
high quality, superiority - the quality of being superior


بَراعَه، نُبوغ


(inˈdʒiːnjəs) adjective
1. (of a person or his personality etc) clever at inventing. He was ingenious at making up new games for the children.
2. (of an object or idea) cleverly made or thought out. an ingenious plan/machine.
inˈgeniously adverb
inˈgeniousness noun
ingenuity (indʒəˈnjuəti) noun
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The question is whether Europe, with all its brains and money, will be able to capitalize on its own ingeniousness.
At times, Salazar pushes that ingeniousness and hard-sounding, put-on American accent just a bit.
Through its different and various forms of organization and due to its emotional dimension, the physical education brings a very important contribution in developing the ingeniousness, the affirming spirit, the desire for self-improvement, the aesthetic sense, the love for the motrical gesture, magnificently performed.
At the GCC Food Photography Awards though, indulgence is not appreciated as much as ingeniousness.
However, Chaplin's "Little Fellow" remains current by the sheer ingeniousness of both his comic gift, such as the Thanksgiving boot-eating scene ("The Gold Rush," 1925), or the aching poignancy of his film-closing rejection by the former blind girl he enabled to see ("City Lights," 1931).
All of this is indicative of Phillips's versatility, the boundlessness of his sources, and the ingeniousness of his method.
This UNESCO World Heritage Site is breathtaking for its sheer beauty and ingeniousness.
The uphill task of the entire military campaign to the west of the river Indus was still waiting for to test Alexander's military ingeniousness.
In a way, it is and it surely demonstrates the ingeniousness and intuition of the economist who made that discovery.
Admitting that he "did not reckon with capitalism's ingeniousness in surviving" and that he "did not imagine that there would be drugs to keep the sick system alive," Marx points an angry finger at consumption, at all those "luxuries advertised in your magazines and on your screens.
At stake for the French was nothing less than demonstrating that, in spite of defeat in the metropole and the stationing of foreign troops in Indochina, they remained capable of administering the colony through European ingeniousness that justified, in their minds, their continued presence in Southeast Asia.
Depending on the choreographer, that can result in solipsism or ingeniousness.