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tr.v. in·gest·ed, in·gest·ing, in·gests
1. To take into the body by the mouth for digestion or absorption. See Synonyms at eat.
2. To take in and absorb as food: "Marine ciliates ... can be observed ... ingesting other single-celled creatures and harvesting their chloroplasts" (Carol Kaesuk Yoon).

[Latin ingerere, ingest- : in-, in; see in-2 + gerere, to carry.]

in·gest′i·ble adj.
in·ges′tion n.
in·ges′tive adj.
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Blue-green algae blooms may appear as green or greenish-brown scum on the surface of water and can contain toxins that can be harmful to animals if ingested, even in small quantities.
The researchers carried out a non-target survey of additives in 194 pieces of plastics ingested by seabirds, such as Northern Fulmar and Albatross, in the study published in the journal of Marine Pollution Bulletin.
"We regularly come across children aged up to five years who have ingested foreign bodies like coins.
A Florida woman was jailed after her two-year-old child ingested methadone which the baby found at their Arthur Avenue home in Cape Canaveral.
After an examination, Gemma was told that Oscar had more than likely ingested anti-freeze.
24, a three-year-old girl also ingested a firecracker.
The DOH said the girl accidentally ingested the contents of a flash bomb last Dec.
The study titled 'Patterns and Complications of Ingested Foreign Bodies (FB) in Omani Children' was done by Dr Tawfiq Taki al Lawati, senior consultant, paediatric gastroenterologist and hepatologist and Dr Reem al Mahroobi, medical officer, at The Royal Hospital.
A six-year-old boy from Paphos who ingested pesticide last week is in better condition and has been taken off the respirator.
Turpentine oil is distilled from pine resin and you should not be surprised to learn it is poisonous if ingested.
Ingested and aspirated foreign bodies (FB) occur frequently among children and can pose a significant risk in the pediatric population.