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Compatible with Mac Windows, and Linux computers with Thunderbolt 3 ports, the SF3 Series -- RED Mini-Mag Pro Card Reader ingests footage from two RED Mini-Mags at the same time at their maximum speeds.
They said after a cat ingests anti-freeze, an antidote has to be administered within three to four hours, so it was too late."
The possible effects of turpentine poisoning, which can occur when someone ingests turpentine oil or breathes in the fumes, include blood in the urine, kidney failure, loss of vision, blood in stools, vomiting of blood, and a rapid and severe decrease in blood pressure.
Some foods and medicines deemed perfectly safe for you can be dangerous and deadly if your dog ingests them for one simple reason: His body metabolizes food differently, Dr.
For the 21st century multi-platform media operator, the iTX Enterprise Suite ingests and out-puts IP-based content, allowing facilities to save on unnecessary video infrastructures for mobile or telecommunications applications.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies lead as a highly toxic heavy metal with no beneficial biological use in the body.(1) When a person inhales or ingests lead, it is absorbed into the bloodstream.
If your child ingests this potent poison, don't waste any time in getting him to the hospital.
"VPMS allows for browsing, metadata generation and editing, draft editing with voice-over, audio editing as well as monitoring ingests and triggering the transcoding process.
For 3D stereoscopic productions, PlayMaker can offer three 3D stereo ingests and one stereo output with all of PlayMaker's advanced smart controller capabilities.
* FLUOROURACIL, a topically applied drug used to treat minor skin cancer in humans, is likely to prove fatal to a dog that ingests it.
If a small dog ingests a few ounces or so of chocolate, he says, "It may start yipping and running around excitedly for six or 12 hours, until the methylxanthines pass out of its system--and then it will crash for a few days, with no damaging aftereffects."