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Going in; entering: the ingoing administration; ingoing data.


coming or going in; entering
1. (Law) (often plural) English law the sum paid by a new tenant for fixtures left behind by the outgoing tenant
2. (Architecture) Scot another word for ingo


(ˈɪnˌgoʊ ɪŋ)

going in; entering.


adj maileingehend, einlaufend; ingoing tenantneuer Mieter, neue Mieterin
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An hour's time saw the sled loaded with the ingoing mail and grub, fresh dogs harnessed, and a fresh Indian engaged.
Miss Bennun has been invovled directly in various ingoing issues of the Company, in its technological transition to a software based solution, and its operational and strategic goals.
Tenders are invited for Providing and installing Airconditioner indoor unit refrigerant piping air distribution and insulation ducting control MCCB features ingoing and outgoing at District admn complex and police wing Amritsar
The ingoing avalanche would have destroyed any newly-formed super-Earths by driving them into the sun.
The ingoing tenant will be responsible for the landlord's legal fees in the preparation of the new lease.
The uncoordinated model of governance is characterised by individuals having services done to them, that is, they are passive recipients of services which have been deemed appropriate and managed for them by others (as illustrated by the ingoing arrows), and the notion that different organizations provide different types of services funded by different funding streams.
It tracks the phone's location, monitors ingoing and outgoing calls, text messages, e-mail and tracks web browsing.
Akol also cited failure by the SPLM to adopt internal reforms within the party the major cause of tension and the ingoing conflict in the country, three years after its independence declaration.
00] in the limit r [right arrow] 0 is analogous to the limit r [right arrow] 2m of the same element in metric (5), so that there is a coordinate time (time measured by a distant observer) going to infinite while a radially ingoing object would approach r = 0.
Akyol said, adding with regards to notifying the chief prosecutor of all ingoing investigations that "if it is a crime for the HSYK to say 'prosecutors do not need to notify the government,' then how should we describe it when the Justice Ministry changes the Judicial Police Regulation and states 'prosecutors must inform the government'?
The intersheet spacing c is strongly dependent of the type of the ingoing graphite and fluorination regime.
Yovchev said the main risk related to the Middle East crisis is the ingoing migrant pressure that Bulgaria is experiencing.