ingrown toenail

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Noun1.ingrown toenail - toenail having its free tip or edges embedded in the surrounding flesh
toenail - the nail at the end of a toe
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The doctors told Reyes he contracted the disease through an open wound from an ingrown toenail.
Surgery: Learn how to treat and remove an ingrown toenail
By some eejit nudging them in bed saying they're paranoid about an ingrown toenail.
Superficial cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen has been found to be an effective therapeutic modality for ingrown toenail.
For example: Verrucae patients, ingrown toenail patients, simple nail cuts, biomechanical patients, diabetic patients.
Salt can ease the discomfort caused by ingrown toenail.
Altuntas Z, Kamburoglu HO, Bitik O,Skin bridging secondary to ingrown toenail, Pak J Med Sci.
Various surgical methods are carried out for ingrown toenail like nail avulsion, Matricectomy either surgical or chemical by Phenol and Sodium Hydroxide, Electro Surgical Ablation by Electrodesiccation and Carbon Dioxide Laser, and Liquid Nitrogen Cryotherapy1,3-5.
An ingrown toenail can be painful and could lead to infection.
A Doctors and mechanics are two professions that have to put up with our newly Googled knowledge on the rare virus obviously causing your ingrown toenail, or the electrical fault causing your car's misfire (maybe the Morris Marina badge on the boot would be a better bet).
We describe a case of chronically inflamed ingrown toenail left untreated for three years.
Three of four patients with an ingrown toenail also had congenital malalignment of the affected great toenail, supporting the notion put forth by other investigators that congenital malalignment of the great toenail predisposes to ingrown toenails, according to Dr.