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1. The act of growing inward or into.
2. Something that grows inward or into.


1. the act of growing inwards: the ingrowth of a toenail.
2. something that grows inwards



1. growth inward.
2. something formed by growth inward.
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Noun1.ingrowth - something that grows inward
growth - something grown or growing; "a growth of hair"
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Patients with pancreaticobiliary cancers often develop jaundice as a result of tissue ingrowth that blocks ducts that enable bile to drain out of the GI tract.
Based on the extensive research at Duke University and the Georgia Institute of Technology, COALESCE's porous PEEK architecture, with 60% porosity and 300 mm average pore size, is specifically tailored to elicit the optimal osteogenic cell response and promote bone tissue ingrowth inside the pores, concluded the company.
14) Fixation by bone ingrowth was defined as a stem showing no subsidence and no (or a minimal) radiopaque lines around the stem; stable fibrous ingrowth was defined as a stem with no progressive migration and extensive radiopaque line formation for up to 1 mm around the stem; and unstable was defined as a stem with progressive subsidence or migration and at least partially surrounded by a divergent radiopaque line.
The proximal part of stem had bone ingrowth, and the distal stem part had stable fibrous ongrowth.
7%) patients had their stents blocked due to tumor ingrowth later in the course of follow-up which was successfully managed by re-stenting.
TLIF (Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion) cage is a miniature device made out of Tritanium or porous Titanium by Stryker company that allows for bone ingrowth or bone growth through the cage which is far superior than other materials allowing for it to be best incorporated by the vertebral bodies or bones of the spine column.
In the long term ingrowth possible transport for passengers groups of students, clients WMO bg (day care) and clients from the juvenile law.
GORE[R] SYNECOR Biomaterial combines long-term strength with rapid tissue ingrowth and vascularization providing a single-stage durable repair in complex cases.
Following years of research and preclinical testing, Bio2 has successfully applied its proprietary process technology to produce a rigid, bioactive, and osteoconductive material with an interconnected porous structure that facilitates ingrowth and remodeling of healthy bone.
To reduce the weight of parts or to facilitate bone ingrowth for implants, complex designs such as porous, lattice and lightweight structures are created.
Using models to account for radioactive decay and ingrowth (increasing concentrations of decay products), the researchers estimated how the total radioactivity concentration of the produced fluids would change in the foreseeable future.
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