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1. The act of growing inward or into.
2. Something that grows inward or into.


1. the act of growing inwards: the ingrowth of a toenail.
2. something that grows inwards



1. growth inward.
2. something formed by growth inward.
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Noun1.ingrowth - something that grows inward
growth - something grown or growing; "a growth of hair"
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The result is a permanent leak-proof piping system that offers what product developers contend are maximum operational safety; strong flow properties; secure joining technology; and, resistance to ground settling, earthquakes, root ingrowths, corrosion and abrasion, and deposits.
For example modified surface structures for good bone ingrowths and open-celled net structures controlling the stiffness of the implant address the stress shielding problems in the implant-bone structure.
Tumors and metastases may arise as small avascular masses that subsequently induce the angiogenic ingrowths that are required to allow for further growth of early tumors.
The term "ruminate," derived from the Latin rumino (chew; Periasamy, 1962a) or based on a similarity with the teeth of ruminants (Corner, 1966), refers to an uneven endosperm surface that is often highly enlarged by ingrowths or infoldings of the surrounding tissue.