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tr.v. in·gur·gi·tat·ed, in·gur·gi·tat·ing, in·gur·gi·tates
To swallow greedily or in excessive amounts; gulp.

[Latin ingurgitāre, ingurgitāt- : in-, in; see in-2 + gurges, gurgit-, throat, whirlpool.]

in·gur′gi·ta′tion n.
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In a statement to the Sudan News Agency, Prince Naif said his current visit to the Sudan witnessed the ingurgitation of the Remit Exchange and Financial Transfers Company in Khartoum, an event honored by the Assistant of the President of the Republic, Gen Abdul Rahaman Sadiq el Mahdi.
His oral mucosa is dried, right submaxillary cervical lymphadenopathies of approximately 3X4 cm, jugular ingurgitation grade I, cardiac rhythm veiled with a murmur, pulmonary sounds diminished with expiratory wheezing and moist rales in the left lung base.