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"Pollution ravages our planet, oozing inhabitability via air, soil, water and weather," he wrote in the email sent to the Times.
Instead of banning explosives in cities outright, nations should ensure that military forces using explosives in populated areas consider in their proportionality calculus the possibility of cascading effects of weapon systems use and impacts on infrastructure and the inhabitability that results, further leading to refugees, to increased loss of life, and to greater human suffering.
While the Missouri Court of Appeals restated the King framework as to what constitutes a material breach, the court explicitly disagreed with King's conclusion that a tenant who retains possession shall be required to deposit the rent as it becomes due, in custodia legis, pending the litigation to assure the landlord that those rents adjudicated for distribution to him will be available to correct the defects inhabitability. (41) According to the court, "[b]y establishing the right to the implied warranty of habitability, King expanded the common law and set forth a new judicially created remedy in landlord-tenant disputes.
Ironically, with all of the ridiculous and lurid controversies that have dominated election coverage, discussion of Planet Earth's tenuous future inhabitability has barely made a ripple.
It culminates perhaps in the nuclear winter scenarios, where the capacity to disable the inhabitability of the entire planet was debated.
Limits, it turns out, whether of technology, inhabitability, or international cooperation, compel their own trespass: they demarcate that which we are challenged to think beyond.
While not nation-states, a number of Pacific island communities are experiencing dislocation because of diminishing inhabitability of their islands.
inhabitability of the airfields in New Orleans, the RPA launch and
The couple's accusations against Ferguson and his business entities included breach of contract, implied warranty of inhabitability, negligence and deceit.