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Used in or for inhaling.
1. A drug, such as an anesthetic or bronchodilator, or another substance, such as saline solution, inhaled for medicinal purposes in vapor or aerosol form.
2. A substance inhaled as an intoxicant, usually in the form of a vapor.


1. (Medicine) (esp of a volatile medicinal formulation) inhaled for its soothing or therapeutic effect
2. inhaling
(Medicine) an inhalant medicinal formulation


(ɪnˈheɪ lənt)

a volatile medicine or other substance that is inhaled for the effect of its vapor.
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Noun1.inhalant - something that is inhaled
gas - a fluid in the gaseous state having neither independent shape nor volume and being able to expand indefinitely
2.inhalant - a medication to be taken by inhaling it
medicament, medication, medicinal drug, medicine - (medicine) something that treats or prevents or alleviates the symptoms of disease
Adj.1.inhalant - inhaling or serving for inhalation; "an inhalant pore"


[ɪnˈheɪlənt] Ninhalante m


[ɪnˈheɪlənt] ninalante m


n. inhalante, medicamento administrado por inhalación.
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1, people aren't allowed to use e-cigarettes and other inhalant delivery systems in workplaces, restaurants, bars and other indoor public places in Oregon.
Inhalant and food allergies are induced and regulated by IgE and can be present in children and adults with frequent or chronic upper respiratory inflammatory episodes that are often misdiagnosed as viral infections [4].
The adult inhalant user tend to use fewer substances than teenagers do, as the criminal behaviour of inhalant user is observed mainly in adolescent period than in adult one (6).
According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), inhalant drugs are psychotropic substances divided into four groups based on their action mechanism: volatile solvents, aerosols, gases and nitrites (1).
OLBAS OIL, an aromatic inhalant imported by the Penn Herb Co.
Next to the bodies police found a nylon bag with an inhalant drug.
In addition, the inhalant abusers had started to abuse drugs at a younger age, used more drugs and had more psychiatric admissions.
Dubai A new allergy clinic in town has said dust mites contribute to 30 per cent of all inhalant allergy cases it handles, with cockroaches adding to another 10 per cent.
Inhalant abuse is a silent epidemic which is on a rise among children and teenagers who are away from family ties.
household contains 30-50 products that can be used for inhalant abuse through sniffing, "bagging" (spraying or placing in a bag and then inhaling from the bag), or "huffing" (placing a rag soaked in chemicals on one's face).
The National Inhalant Prevention Coalition in March underscored that inhaling helium, like inhaling other household substances, can cut off oxygen supply, cause an embolism or even cause lungs to rupture.