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Verb1.inhere in - be part of; "This problem inheres in the design"
include - have as a part, be made up out of; "The list includes the names of many famous writers"
repose, reside, rest - be inherent or innate in;
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They come of no accident of character, but inhere in the divine order and constitution of things."
How much, therefore, of herself must inhere in a garment so confidential as a petticoat, or so close and constant a companion as a stocking!
The promise that seemed to inhere in a political group organized by queer women of color was of a future I have longed for all my life.
This is hardly a full-blown defense of authorial rights, but it does acknowledge that the economic rights of a work of literature inhere in a common law owner as well as a stationer.
The second is the idea that legal rights are a function of being "part of a nation-state"--an idea radically at odds with the American proposition that rights inhere in individuals.
To cite only one, the twelve black-and-white photos from "Sons of Abraham" (1987-), an ongoing study of religion by Iranian photojournalist Abbas, give off in alternating (shock) waves the order and excess, poetic form and archaic content that inhere in religious rituals, from Jerusalem to Mecca to Kingston, Georgia.