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intr.v. in·hered, in·her·ing, in·heres
To be inherent or innate.

[Latin inhaerēre : in-, in; see in-2 + haerēre, to stick.]

in·her′ence (-hîr′əns, -hĕr′-), in·her′en·cy n.


(ɪnˈhɪərəns; -ˈhɛr-) or


1. the state or condition of being inherent
2. (Philosophy) metaphysics the relation of attributes, elements, etc, to the subject of which they are predicated, esp if they are its essential constituents


(ɪnˈhɪər əns, -ˈhɛr-)

the state or fact of inhering or being inherent.
[1570–80; < Medieval Latin]
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Noun1.inherence - the state of inhering; the state of being a fixed characteristic; "the inherence of polysemy in human language"
presence - the state of being present; current existence; "he tested for the presence of radon"
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That inherence flexibility is something that business jet users covet most," Ahmad concluded.
The BSP earlier explained that the MFA employed a combination of at least certain authentication factors, namely: inherence or something that is inherent to the user such as fingerprint and retinal pattern; knowledge or something that the user knows such as password or PIN, and possession or something that the user has in his/her possession, including payment card or a one-time password generated through a security token or sent via SMS.
7 million to her marriage, a sizeable sum by any measure (12), and now Luis had direct inherence in that capital.
The MFA makes use of a combination of two or more authentication factors such as: knowledge or something the user knows such as password, PIN; possession or something the user has in his/her possession such as payment card, one-time password (OTP) generated through a security token or sent via SMS; and inherence or something that is inherent to the user such as fingerprint and retinal pattern.
Thus, perhaps now it is possible to flow one more time with the eminent classical text Mahabharata and, on the grounds of the maternal transcendental, to note more precisely the inextricable inherence of this maternal in all events, such that it needs no extrinsic legitimation, as shall be seen in selected films.
3) Inherence factors, such as a biometric characteristic.
Ironically, celebrating the femme fatale complex has resulted in an even deeper inherence of misogyny.
The inherence of tarsal coalition in its relationship to spastic flat foot.
we propose that people often make sense of [environmental] regularities via a simple rule of thumb-the inherence heuristic.
Like Eric Rohmer, with whom the Iranian had many surprising affinities, including an almost mystical belief in realism and its inherence in objects present on set but invisible to the camera, in the use of a minimal crew when possible, and in the incorporation of chance encounters and accidents during filming, Kiarostami found pleasure in attenuations, temps morts, and the inconsequential.
Yet, by the fact of this inherence it implies simultaneously the truth.