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1. Capable of being inherited: inheritable traits; inheritable property.
2. Having the right to inherit or the capability of inheriting: an inheritable heir.

in·her′it·a·bil′i·ty n.
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"Where You Stand Depends upon Where Your Grandparents Sat: The Inheritability of Generalized Trust." Public Opinion Quartery, 72(4): 725-40.
The Chinese food culture has the characteristics of inheritability and development, and throughout the history of Chinese food culture, it has maintained its momentum of development since its primitive society.
- Inheritability: users may nominate a beneficiary who can call the asset on account dormancy.
Laws in America supported ownership of Africans and inheritability of descendants so there was no way for Africans to get out of the situation without breaking the law or losing their lives.
Moreover, since in Europe, North America, and Australia migration policies are intrinsically bound up in projects of whiteness, and the reproduction of the nation around whiteness, these reproductions of citizenship have a fundamentally racist character--not only in centres of white supremacy but in all nation-states that regulate the inheritability or transitivity of belonging through reproductive logics.
Although rarely reported in swine, PPMs are reported occasionally in dogs and horses, and inheritability has been recognized in several canine breeds [20].
We can think of the way our inheritances literally embody a transfer of part of the testator (Cobb 2009); for example, my inheritance of a great-grandmother's blue eyes, a grandfather's knees--attributes that are reproduced through sexual reproduction and passed down through generations (and herein lies the problematic social and scientific belief in the inheritability of race coded in the language of genetics, forcefully critiqued by scholars such as Dorothy Roberts [1997] and Kim TallBear [2013]).
pre-test) No folic acid supplementation BMI < 18.5 BMI [greater than or equal to] 25 Need rubella vaccination Need varicella vaccination Need hepatitis B vaccination Smoking Drinking Knowledge of risk factors: General preconception behaviours Folic acid supplementation Timing of preconception counselling Inheritability of malformations and genetic diseases Age at risk for Down syndrome Maintaining a normal weight Overweight and obesity Underlying maternal diseases Smoking Medications Drinking alcohol Need of testing for susceptibility to infectious diseases Immunization before pregnancy Bimla Knowledge that: Relative risk from Schwarz propensity score- 2008 (25) Folate prevents birth weighted models, defects intervention vs.
She believed that 57 personality inheritability of geekiness is a combination of the parents' geeky traits that are passed down, as well as mutations that occur in the sperm of older fathers.
This study focused on sequencing protein-coding regions from members of a known family as well as high throughput sequencing of DNA and cDNA from somatic and gonadal tissue to explore the origin, extent, and inheritability of heteroplasmic sequences in the blue crab.
In so doing, a biological account of race and its inheritability through the transmission of the genetic material of gametes veil the intimate gestational tie of the baby with the surrogate created through nine months of labor.
And in order to enhance the inheritability, this genetic algorithm uses an innovative representation method and applies genetic operations to phenotype space.