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1. Capable of being inherited: inheritable traits; inheritable property.
2. Having the right to inherit or the capability of inheriting: an inheritable heir.

in·her′it·a·bil′i·ty n.


1. (Genetics) capable of being transmitted by heredity from one generation to a later one
2. capable of being inherited
3. rare capable of inheriting; having the right to inherit
inˌheritaˈbility, inˈheritableness n
inˈheritably adv


(ɪnˈhɛr ɪ tə bəl)

1. capable of being inherited.
2. capable of inheriting; qualified to inherit.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Anglo-French]
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Adj.1.inheritable - capable of being inherited; "inheritable traits such as eye color"; "an inheritable title"
nonheritable, noninheritable - not inheritable


adj (lit, fig)erblich; goodsvererbbar
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But the number and diversity of inheritable deviations of structure, both those of slight and those of considerable physiological importance, is endless.
Moreover, the government plans to allocate lifelong, inheritable pensions to the families of the victims of the terrorist attack that took place on Friday in Arish and left close to 305 dead and 125 injured.
Thesaurus Master[TM] has a new "SKOS Atypon" export for users on that platform, an API to return the thesaurus in JSON format, and facet or text field values are now inheritable for descendant terms.
The process of modifying an embryo to eradicate inheritable diseases is called "germline engineering," because the genetically modified child born from that embryo will pass on the changes with their own germ cells (egg or sperm).
From the Field--Vulnerability of fish to angling has been linked to inheritable traits, and studies also have demonstrated that fish can learn to avoid lures.
Duchenne muscular dystrophy is an X-linked recessive, inheritable disease that affects approximately 1 in 3,600 boys.
and European biologists to question unregulated editing of the human germline (cells that are relevant for reproduction), which might create inheritable genetic changes," the report said.
Clark-Pujara uses economic history to investigate how the business of slavery shaped the establishment and growth of lifelong inheritable bondage in the North and how it affected the process of emancipation and black freedom.
CERF is the Canine Eye Register Foundation, which certifies dogs for inheritable eye diseases.
* Are they okay with NO inheritable benefit from this pension asset to their estate/children/grandchildren, if by chance they and their spouse decease soon after retiring, or before they meet their life expectancies?
Facioscapulohumeral dystrophy is an inheritable muscle disease affecting approximately one in 8,000 people.
The seminar would focus to create such changes in the inheritable characters of cotton which can increase potential yield, give good protection against various pest and diseases and above all require less input, he remarked.