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tr.v. in·hib·it·ed, in·hib·it·ing, in·hib·its
a. To hold back; restrain: barricades that inhibited the movement of the crowd; a lack of knowledge that inhibited his inclination to ask questions. See Synonyms at restrain.
b. To cause (a person) to behave in a restrained or self-conscious way: He felt inhibited by the presence of so many famous people.
c. Psychology To suppress or restrain (behavior, an impulse, or a desire) consciously or unconsciously.
a. Chemistry To prevent or decrease the rate of (a reaction).
b. Biology To decrease, limit, or block the action or function of (an enzyme or organ, for example).
3. To prohibit (an ecclesiastic) from performing clerical duties.

[Middle English inhibiten, to forbid, from Latin inhibēre, inhibit-, to restrain, forbid : in-, in; see in-2 + habēre, to hold; see ghabh- in Indo-European roots.]

in·hib′it·a·ble adj.
in·hib′i·tive, in·hib′i·to′ry (-tôr′ē) adj.
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Adj.1.inhibitory - restrictive of action; "a repressive regime"; "an overly strict and inhibiting discipline"
restrictive - serving to restrict; "teenagers eager to escape restrictive home environments"


[ɪnˈhɪbɪtərɪ] ADJinhibitorio


adj (Psych) → hemmend; (Physiol also) → behindernd